Rubber compounds

FAGUMIT Ltd. produces high quality rubber compounds with complex parametric requirements.

We offer a wide range of mixtures that we create based on rubbers, such as: NR, BR, CR, SBR, NBR, IR, IIR and EPDM.

For the production of mixtures, we use a computerized production line and only the best raw materials.

Each customer has the option of ordering a rubber compound according to individual requirements, which on request can be confirmed by a quality certificate. Thanks to this, our products fulfil the expectations of every recipient.

We have our own professional laboratory and research facilities, which guarantee the highest quality of our products. We help in developing new mix recipes.


The criteria we use for developing or selecting a mixture are:

  • - Rubber base
  • - Specific properties (e.g. thermal resistance, ozone resistance, chemical resistance, high flexibility after ageing, etc.)
  • - Methods of processing and vulcanization
  • - Intended use of the finished product


We produce rubber mixtures:

  • - Black and coloured
  • - Based on various polymers depending on demand
  • - Intended for processing by moulding, injection moulding or stamping


Guarantees of maintaining high quality and repeatability of mixtures are:

  • - Highly qualified, experienced engineering and technical staff
  • - Keeping our machine park in perfect condition
  • - Use of raw materials only from proven reputable suppliers
  • - Computerization of the mixture production chain
  • - Process control at every stage of product implementation
  • - Ongoing monitoring of mix parameters stability
  • - Continuous process improvement


Our additional advantage is the wide quantitative range in the scope of accepted orders:

  • - Laboratory quantities from 1 to 5 kg
  • - Individual production units – 50 kg
  • - Multi-tone batches


Mixtures produced by FAGUMIT maintain the highest standards and repeatability of parameters.


If you are interested in buying rubber mixtures, please contact us:

Phone: +48 32 647 26 16